Mexico USA Border Fence

USA Mexico Border Crossing Fence
USA Mexico Border Fence

You will have plenty of time to take pictures as you wait to cross the border into the United States from Mexico. The little town of Sonoyta is a long line of passive consumers trapped in their cars for hours, flanked by locals peddling a variety of religious and regional tchochkes. It’s hard not to come away with some silver jewelry, a colorful basket, or a giant crucifix. Even Tamales and peppers are available, although I’m not sure customs will let them through.

I grabbed this photo of the fence while haggling over a Santa Muerte statue. After receiving a couple of requests, I attached a Creative Commons license to the image, and it accompanied articles on Youth Radio, Inside Work, and The Tucson Sentinel.

I would have to settle for a picture of that statue, too. I’d run out of pesos.

June, 2009

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