DREAM Act Supporter

DREAM Act Supporter
DREAM Act Supporter in Lucha Libre Mask

The march against Senate Bill 1070 brought together thousands in support of human rights, joining people of different political persuasions with a common interest. Churches, civil rights organizations, minority groups, and anarchists all descended on Phoenix in the summer of 2010 to speak out against Arizona’s new immigration law.

Amongst the crowd was a contingent of DREAM Act supporters. If passed, The DREAM Act would provide the children of undocumented immigrants a path towards American citizenship after serving in the armed forces or graduating college. In this photo, a DREAM Act supporter cleverly illustrates the paradox of trying to get an education under the radar by wearing a Lucha Libre mask and sombrero to conceal his true identity. Undocumented students run the risk of being deported to a country they may have never seen if they run afoul of the system.

A number of non-profit news organizations and bloggers used this photo to accompany stories, essays, and opinion on The DREAM Act.

More photos from the protest.

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